Farmers Markets Are Good; Restaurant Delivery Is Convenient

restaurant delivery

At RSIP, we know many people in Honolulu and all around Oahu enjoy the many farmers' markets and the locally grown, fresh products they have to offer. It's wonderful to stop by any one of the farmers' markets and pick up Waimanalo greens, Waialua chocolate, honey, aqua-cultured seafood, and other … [Read more...]

Hawaii Food – Featured Chef Debuts on Hawaiian Airlines

hawaii food

In recent Hawaii food news, on Monday June 1, Hawaiian Airlines launched its new Featured Chef Series, a series bringing sumptuous fare to first-class passengers on flights to the continental U.S. created by some of the best-known chefs in Hawaii. According to an article at Honolulu Pulse, the … [Read more...]

Restaurant Food Delivery Reinforces Teamwork

restaurant food delivery

Just as family meals bring family members closer together, meals shared among employees can also improve teamwork and make your company more successful. At Room Service in Paradise, we deliver food from more than 75 restaurants in the Honolulu area, making it possible for your staff to enjoy a meal … [Read more...]

Kan Zaman – Sumptuous Authentic Moroccan Delivery


From soups and salads to main courses, lunch, mezza, and desserts, Kan Zaman offers a huge array of delicious Moroccan and Lebanese fare when you're hungry! As the most trusted restaurant food delivery service in Honolulu and surrounding areas, we know there are times when you're just "hankering" … [Read more...]

Kaneohe Food Delivery – We Deliver All Your Favorite Foods

kaneohe food delivery

At Room Service in Paradise, we know there are lots of reasons to order in! Whether you're tired of cooking dinner and need a day off, are having a get-together with family or friends, or simply don't have time to leave work for a delicious lunch, our Kaneohe food delivery services provide food … [Read more...]

Having a Memorial Day Get-together? Get Food Delivered

The Memorial Day holiday is just a few weeks away, a time when many family and friends get together to enjoy outdoor activities, barbecue on the grill, play Frisbee, have a pool party, and generally just have a good time. It's a long weekend for most folks who are off work, so why not make the most … [Read more...]

Restaurant Delivery in Honolulu – You Deserve Pampering

Whether you're a working woman or man, everyone deserves a little pampering every now and then! At Room Service in Paradise, we deliver delicious meals from all of your favorite restaurants, regardless of what you're taste buds are in the mood for. You may be a single career woman who typically … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Restaurant Delivery in Honolulu

Mother's Day is just over a couple of weeks away, and is one of the most special days of the years for moms. Have you considered what you will get your mother for her special day? Researching Mother's Day gift ideas? At Room Service in Paradise, we have one great idea - why not consider sumptuous, … [Read more...]

Time For An Employee Dinner? Let Us Cater Your Event

As a trusted restaurant delivery service in Honolulu for nearly 20 years, Room Service in Paradise also provides catering services! If you're an employer who hosts an employee appreciation dinner or picnic each year (or even if this is the first time), you want to enjoy the event without a lot of … [Read more...]

Anniversary? Restaurant Delivery in Honolulu Makes It Easy

Many couples marry in May and June, so you may have a wedding anniversary coming up soon. If you're looking forward to a quiet celebration that includes just the two of you and want to stay in, have you considered restaurant delivery in Honolulu? At RSIP, we know that the one thing you don't want … [Read more...]